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I love whisky. And I love it so much I named my child Islay. It was whisky that brought my wife and I together. 

What began as a preference became a hobby and passion, then part-time work and ultimately my career. Today, having spent the last 14 years honing my thirst for the whisky craft in Scotland and across Asia, I have accumulated a wealth of first-hand experience across the verticals of the whisky industry – from production through to service. 

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Some say  I have the best job in the world. I drink and talk about whiskies. More than that, below is what I have been doing for 14 years.


Over the years, I have built my career in coaching and sharing as a single malt whisky brand ambassador.


A great whisky tasting session is a mixture of entertainment and education. These tastings must be tailored to each audience and their knowledge level.


I write tasting notes, news articles, fun stories and deep analysis on whisky. My writings have been published extensively in the media over the years.



Peated Whisky Peat Cutting

Peated Whisky and Phenols

The Magic and Mayhem of Whisky Phenols Peated whisky. Some people love it and some people loathe it. Does it taste like lovely silky campfire …

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NAS Whisky Teeling

NAS Whisky – Triumph or Tragedy?

NAS whisky has been on the rise and not everyone is happy  When it takes 12 years to make something, what do you do when …

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whiskey stones

5 Reasons Not To Use Whiskey Stones

I have not been asked about whiskey stones today, but I don’t like them No, haven’t been asked about whiskey stones or whiskey rocks today, …

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Tasting pouring

7 Tips for Pairing Food and Whisky

People are starting to enjoy whisky in different ways and food pairings are on the rise As the appreciation of single malt Scotch whisky continues …

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Whisky Whiskey Region Map

4 Big Whisky / Whiskey Countries of Origin

The ‘big four’ whisk(e)y countries and subcategories I love Scotch whisky. It is my career, hobby and passion. But whisky (and indeed whiskey) is not …

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Whisky Tasting Note

Whisky or Whiskey – A Brief History

Whisky or whiskey – which is the correct way to spell this wondrous spirit? Is it whisky or whiskey? Oddly enough this can be a …

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highland whisky glasses

8 Ways to Develop Your Whisky Tasting and Nosing

When I started drinking single malts I felt that people who wrote whisky tasting notes had enviable skills. I thought nosing and tasting well enough …

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